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May 12, 2016
Gas Monkey Live!
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Tom Keifer

Tom Keifer Brings It Back To Big 'D'

There are musicians who perform to play and there are musicians who play to perform. Tom Keifer performs with a passion and pours out every drop of energy on stage!

On tour, still supporting his latest LPThe Way Life Goes, Keifer and company roll through Dallas, Texas and makes their stop once again this time at the Gas Monkey Live for what was an evening of genuine rock and roll with vigor and dexterity.

The show began with a group huddle in front of the drum kit to pump up the band while Queens "We Will Rock You" played as the intro. They kick'd off with "Once Around" and straight into "It's Not Enough" from his latest LP and the show was on! The crowd was engaged and enthusiastic as Keifer slowly began to wrap himself around the fans and their energy.

It didn't take long to hear a few familiar Cinderella numbers from his past works. "Save Me" and "Shake Me" were back to back fan favorites that set the night into high gear. With a few more songs from The Way Life Goes Tom breaks into one of the best rock ballads from 1980s, "Nobody's Fool," and the girls go wild!

Slowing down the show to perform a few intimate songs with his wife Savannah, Keifer sits behind the piano and once again delivers another outstanding performance of "Coming Home" brilliantly done with much heart and soul!

The show heads towards the end but with highlights that level the performance to new ground. "Shelter Me" is one of those songs that is part Gospel and full on Rock and Roll... one of the best songs of the night. From there the Tom takes the crowd back to some of his early roots with "It's Only Rock And Roll" a timeless classic by the Rolling Stones and if that wasn't nostalgic enough, we go a bit further into the timeless hemisphere of classic rock as he performs his rendition of "A Little Help From Friends" with a touch of Joe Cocker ala mode.

There is no doubt Tom Keifer loves what he does and after 30 years of doing it, he is gracious and humble and appreciative of his fan base. Looking a little rough and ragged but performing like the true veteran musician he is known for, Keifer put on one hell of a show and more. Closing the set with another classic Cinderella song, "Gypsy Road" was a perfect ending as it reflects his life on stage and on the road! Catch Tom Keifer and company live as The Way Life Goes tour runs through the summer and into 2017!