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July 29, 2016
Gexa Energy Pavilion
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Andrea D. Morin
Photos by Andrea D. Morin

Blink-182 - Blink-182, A Day To Remember, The All-American Rejects, DJ Spider

SoCal Trio Bringing Back Their Roots With New LP And Summer Tour

Blink 182 headlined the Dallas show at Gexa Energy Pavilion with A Day To Remember, The All-American Rejects and DJ Spider on Friday night.

New to Blink 182's lineup for this tour and album, California, is Matt Skiba while Tom DeLonge is taking an extended "break" from the band for his alien pursuits. Matt, who joined the band from Alkaline Trio, could not be a more perfect fit for Blink 182 and fans fully embraced the addition.

Blink 182 kicked off their set with "Feeling This" from their self-titled album, Blink 182, with crazy flames, fast moving visuals on screens behind the band with bright lights. Immediately you knew it was going to be a fantastic show! From the first chord of the second song and mega hit, "What's My Age Again?" the crowd went wild singing along, screaming and jumping up and down.

The 24 song set list included seven out of the 16 songs from Blink 182's latest album, California, including the new single, "Bored to Death." This album is fantastic and really takes Blink 182 back to their SoCal roots, especially with songs called "California," Los Angeles" and "San Diego." Tons of fan reviews have said this is the best album to date and they love Matt Skiba!

A highly visual set with pyrotechnics on eight songs that ignited huge flames with heat that could be felt throughout the pit with loud bangs that startled but delighted the crowd. Beautiful visuals on projection screens that mirrored their latest album cover art and images of Southern California. This high energy set pretty much demanded heavy crowd surfing and moshing. Dozens and dozens of fans were passed down to the stage and taken off by the bouncers.

They played mega hits like "What's My Age Again?" "All The Small Things," "Dumpweed" from Enema of the State, as well as"First Date," "The Rock Show," and "Happy Holidays" from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. "I Miss You" was a fan favorite with the whole audience signing along! They ended the show with a powerful pyro performance of "Dammit" from the Dude Ranch album.

Travis Barker and Matt Skiba did a gear switch for one song, which brought Travis out from behind his drums for the fans. Mark Hoppus constantly crossed the stage to interact with fans all around. Travis killed it with his numerous drum solos that drove the fans wild.

The highly energetic show was extremely fun and well received. They displayed videos of the audience from a live camera up on the big screens behind the band. In between some songs they had great "Dallas" focused interactions with the fans. Matt Skiba is a great addition to the band and we all hope he will continue recording with them for many more years to come!