JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

August 30, 2016
BB&T Center
Sunrise, FL USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste


AC/DC Brings Back The Best Rock Show On The Road!

ACDC returns back to the states to complete all the postponed concert dates from their US Rock Or Bust tour. But now with Axl Rose of Guns N'Rose on vocals. Second show of the new leg and performing at the fabulous BB&T Center in Sunrise FL, ACDC brought their game with full force!

Continuing with their original support act, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, the young Nashville/Texas band brought their energy with a raw and bluesy sound. These young cats have really impressed rock musicians like ACDC and Zakk Wylde who recently had them on his summer solo tour, and to see them live, even on a huge stage, you can feel the soulful vibe pouring out of this group song by song. They received a good reception by the hard core ACDC fan base, which is not easy to do.

What can you say about ACDC? Established in 1973 going on their 43rd year of hard pounding rock and roll, lead by guitarist Angus Young, a tenacious 5' 2" guitar icon, leaving fans worldwide shook and satisfied show after show are just a few things that come to mind! Even with the death of original vocalist, the late great Bon Scott, and recent departure of long time lead throat of Brian Johnson, the band swiftly continued by picking up the incomparable and always unpredictable Axl Rose.

To be fair, I was not on board with their choice of stand in lead vocalist... but seeing, hearing and reading the rave reviews, their is no doubt choosing Rose was a great decision! From the get go, kicking off with the title track from their recent LP, "Rock Or Bust," Axl was spot on and feeling quite comfortable with his position as front man for the worlds hardest working rock band!

The set list consisted of hit after hit after hit... no time to take beer break or pisser, without feeling you would miss part of the show. It was that good! ACDC has always been a tight number even back in their hay day playing clubs and smaller venues, they always played at the top of their game, and in 2016, they have Not missed a beat!

Not going to list every song played because it was a fantastic ride from the start to the end, but the highlights are no surprise. "Shoot To Thrill," "Back In Black," "Dirty Deeds," Hell's Bells" were just a few in the first hour that had the fans roaring! An added song to the regular set list, since Axl Rose joined the band, was "Live Wire" that was not a big deal to most fans, but the hard core fans loved it! "You Shook Me All Night Long" was a big time crowd pleaser followed by "Shot Down In Flames" and "T.N.T." were a few of the best songs received so far.

The stage was huge with a massive half moon video screen in front of a giant stack of Marshall amps, with two more big screens on both sides. The Devil Horns on the very top of the curved metal structure was a nice touch! The center ramp leading into the middle of the floor was a great layout for Angus Young to strut his game and strut he did! Even at 62 years of age, Angus shows No Signs of slowing down. Axl, who did a fantastic job on vocals, didn't really run around much and stood mainly in place around the main stage with occasional stops to the side platforms. The other members, Cliff Williams on bass and Steve Young on rhythm pretty much stayed in one spot. And of course, the man behind the kit, Chris Slade held his position as well.

The show kicked into high gear as they played "Whole Lotta Rosie" and the appearance of the huge voluptuous blow up doll, in all her glory, top hat, stockings and high heels had everyone at the BB&T Center on their feet shouting "ANGUS!... ANGUS!... ANGUS!" as the song began. Always a fun song live and Axl Rose KILLED IT! That followed with "Let There Be Rock" where Angus Young is literally all over the place, from the front center ramp stage where he rolls around in a circle and is air lifted about 20 feet, to the top of the Marshall amp stacks, then back to the main stage to roll around on the floor like a banshee on the loose. It was truly a great fucking guitar solo!

The show ended with the bands two top anthems and a new song added to the list! The first was "Highway To Hell" that had fire explosions and smoke galore to light up the entire room. Crazy Red Everywhere! They then played a new number added to the set, "Riff Raff" which was one of my favorite songs of the night, great to hear the oldies! No surprise the band ended with another fan fav, "For Those About To Rock" with the 21 gun cannon salute as the row of 7 cannons placed high on the Marshall stacks explodes one by one X3!

They are saying this is ACDC's final tour run. I hope not and I hope they reconsider and keep touring as their fan base will not fade. The ACDC machine is a breed of their own and not matched by ANY touring rock band today. We will never see a band like ACDC again, so if you can get to one of their rescheduled shows... FUCKING DO IT! This is the best show on the road!