JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

March 4, 2017
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Sam McClary

Green Day

Revolution Of Teen Spirit Filled The AAC

"When I was 10, my mom bought me this guitar. Thanks mom!"

American Airlines Center was the place where Green Day made their return back to Big 'D' for what will go down as the biggest Punk Pop Show of the year! But only if you are into Green Day and Pop Punk!

Thanks to my L.A. CA staff photographer, Fabien Castro, who could not attend the show in Dallas, I was lucky enough to get his two tickets and had the unexpected pleasure of seeing Green Day, once again, this time on their 2017 Revolution Radio Tour, cause there was no way in Hell I was going to fork up cash to see this show! So Thanks FC!

I was asked if I was a GD fan by a friend, and I quickly replied "NO. I am not!" but lets face it, I know Green Day is a good band that can still deliver a high energetic show with familiar tunes, in this case a band like GD who have 25 plus years of music stashed away in their back pocket. So even-though I may not consider myself a Green Day fan, I most certainly am a fan of a good live show and GD is bringing the BIG SHOW with pyro, massive lights and a big stage but still managed to keep it wild and somewhat untamed by adding and open general admission Mosh Pit to the front floor.

Rarely do I see a Mosh Pit at a corporate venue like AAC, but tonight there was a mosh pit, even at a mild level, the kids were able to get one stirred up to release the tension among themselves. So body surfing was at full force soon as the band took the stage.

I am not going to run down the songs that were played, rather hit a few of the highlights of the night. First off, to get the show started, the dude in the bunny suit was hilarious as he stumbled around the stage, dancing to the Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop" an American Punk Anthem! Funny stuff!

The pyro and flames used throughout the show was visually stimulating and always adds to key moments in a song! Drummer Tre Cool must feel the heat as he is surrounded by the explosions and fire.

Front man Billie Joe Armstrong has always enjoyed bringing up fans from the crowd to sing, play guitar and make some luck kid a part of the show! Well, tonight, he gave that chance to two lucky Texas GD fans! The first kid came up from the front barricade to help Billie Joe sing along. He did good but you can tell he was a bit overwhelmed by the room, I would be too. A funny moment occurred when Bill asked the kid to run down the center stage and dive into the crowd. The kid kept saying "NO!" shaking his head ans jesturing "I can't do it!"... but after a few minutes of crowd cheering and being convinced by Billie Joe Armstrong, the kid finally got his nerve up, ran down the center stage and nose dived into the crowd of fans. Quite the moment!

Later on during "Paradise," Billie Joe once again asked if anyone new the lyrics to the song... and of course the hands went up. He chose another kid, a bit older, who basically nailed the song and took command of the stage as he ran back and forth, side to side hugging the other musicians. Once the song was done, this kid needed no help stage diving off into the crowd. Persoanlly I love when musicians take the time to bring fans on stage and make them a part of the show. When it happens, I guarantee those kids will remember that moment for the rest of their lives.

As for the show itself, the sound was great! Loud and Clear! The band were very energetic, jumping around, at least Bassist Mike Dirnt and Guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong. I lost count after 15 jumps! Drummer Tre Cool managed to make his rounds around the stage displaying his clownish antics. I also noticed he destroyed several pairs of drum sticks throughout the show and kept throwing them behind him.

Over all Green Day put on one hell of a show, visually and musically! The short 90 minute set was fun and energetic but not long enough for most fans. And one thing I noticed, there were many moms and dads in attendance who got an ear full of FUCK YEAHS! that were freely thrown throughout the night by Billie Joe Armstrong! By far one of the coolest shows on the road!