JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

April 2, 2017
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Nolan Smith
Photos by Nolan Smith

Parachute - Parachute, Kyle Allen

Parachute Free Falls @ Trees

Faithful Parachute followers flocked to a nearly sold-out crowd on a Sunday evening in Dallas to open their spring tour. Playing at Trees music venue the doors opened at 7 and by 7:30 the majority of the crowd was already in attendance and fighting to obtain their place as close to the front of the stage for the headliner. Needless to say those in attendance were very excited to see this show. This was the largest crowd in Dallas to see Parachute of any of their concerts in the area to date.

Opening band Kyle Allen played several very catchy hits including "Faster Shoes" was a standout and worth listening to see if you like the rest of the artist's music. He also played a fun cover of "Chained To The Rhythm" by Katy Perry which got a good laugh and sing along from the early crowd rewarded by the solid opening act.

By the time Parachute took the stage the crowd was packed in tight from front to back and across both upstairs rails and back balcony. Lead singer Will Anderson is a very solid front-man for the band that from the onset were there to talk with the crowd and entertain with a ton of energy and upbeat concert that I was very surprised and happy to see. Anderson's voice is very good and the band (though mentioning this was their first show since last year) sounded crisp and true. The band consisted of 2 pianos, a saxophone, bass guitar, lead electric, acoustic, keyboards, and drums. The energy and lively tempo of Parachutes newer albums definitely put a charge into the crowd who by the 3rd song in had been lathered into a frenzy, and by "Something To Believe In" was jumping and dancing throughout the venue.

The band played a 16 song set including an acoustic version of Photograph that mashed into Bruno Mars That's What I Like. Also played were "She Is Love," "Didn't See It Coming" and "Lonely With Me." The band ended the night with a 2 song encore including "Kiss Me Slowly" and "Without You."

Having been a fan of the band, I was excited to see them play, however worried the concert may be an acoustic, slow-paced event that would be tough to get friends or casual fans to attend. I could not have been more wrong and so very delighted about how the event turned out. I'd wished I'd have brought all the people I had thought about inviting to the event and been praised now for such a great suggestion. Learn from my mistake and take the time to go see Parachute live when they come to town.