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July 21, 2017
The Bomb Factory
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Tamra Harrison
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Killer Queen

Killer Queen Is The Bomb

Killer Queen - UK'S Premiere Tribute to Rock and Roll / Pop's most brilliant leading front man, (FREDDIE MERCURY) and (QUEEN).

Opening the show were local DFW tribute act, Double Vision A Tribute Band to(Foreigner. Dallas Texas' very own kicked off the night playing crowd favorites including: "Double Vision," "As Cold As Ice," "Dirty White Boy," "Juke Box Hero," "I Want To Know What Love Is" pulled the audience together as an impressive opening band. Closing with "Hot Blooded" leaving the audience energized ready to rock for the headliners, Killer Queen.

Killer Queen Is The Bomb

(PATRICK MYERS) portrayed as (MERCURY) pays an empathetic tribute to the late pop icon. Not to sound cliché, sent shivers down your spine as he plays the piano in the spotlight none other than "Bohemian Rhapsody." This was the moment of the night I'm certain everyone was anxiously awaiting. Its just one of those songs that never dies, but is gift wrapped pretty tight for the artist that dare try. Singing lyrics so intensely deep and full of pain. There truly is no margin for error. (PATRICK MEYERS) KILLED IT! (MYERS) both humbled as well as emotional served a passionately Awe-inspiring tribute alongside his band mates! "Your enthusiasm and just being here tonight Dallas, is great! We all know there can only be one Freddie Mercury. Only ONE! I simply love that he won't be forgotten!" - (Meyers)

Walking front stage shaking hands with the audience of a packed house you could barely make out what your neighbor was saying over the foot stomping, hand clapping, fist pumping chaotic screams... When a woman shouts above the noise "Freddie may be dead, but his spirit, his soul, and fabulous clothes are so alive!" Flamboyant, nonetheless evident the impact this man had on her life was very real and you felt it.

Killer Queen Is The Bomb

From the infamous costumes, theatrical stellar stage performance, and bold smile, (MYERS) strut every inch of that stage. No stone left unturned, minutiae detail down to the dramatic shenanigans with his bottomless mic-stand were remarkable to witness. Taking no short cuts (MEYERS) respectfully brought his very best "Mercury." Knowing what (MERCURY) meant to his audience it had to be extraordinary with a deep tender delivery.

Included within their two hour set list, not limited to were the following: "Bohemian Rhapsody," "A kind of magic," "I want it all," "Somebody to love," "These are the days of our lives," "Fat bottomed girls," "Under Pressure"... And finally "We are the Champions" providing the drum solo of all. Epic encore.

Killer Queen Is The Bomb

(Killer Queen) delivers a show that gives you the feeling you have traveled back in time just long enough to remind you of the brilliantly talented artist, musician, and theatrical performer that set such an iconic bar. No matter the genre, musicians together show their respect.