JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

August 5, 2017
Billy Bob's Texas
Fort Worth, TX USA
Review by Tamra Harrison
Photos by Robert Keith

Grand Funk Railroad

All American Band!

Has Grand Funk Railroad Derailed? They say “Without Mark Farner, there is no funk! When Mark Farner left, the funk left with him!” Saturday night at Billy Bob’s Texas prove that wrong once again!

Not having been affected by the dynamics of any changes within Grand Funk Railroad in particular, there was no lack of awareness for personal connection felt through the original band mates “breaking up” if you will. While this reigns true, for me it was not an option on keeping an open mindset. When the dynamics of any band change everything changes. One fact remains, musicians must and will play on. With that being said ‘Rock and Roll’ on following your hearts desire.

Grand Funk Railroad All American Band!

A set list that included both covers & originals started off introducing each member of the band in his own light one by one. TIM CASHION on the keys, MEL SCHACHER on the bass, MAX CARL vocals/rhythm guitar, BRUCE KULICK lead guitar and last but certainly not least, DON BREWER on drums.

Ladies and gentlemen; “GRAND FUNK RAILROAD” brought their ‘FUNK’ with the variety of ‘GRAND’ talents amongst them.

Grand Funk Railroad All American Band!

Drummer, DON BREWER, as well as Founder of Grand Funk Railroad, ‘The All American Band’ showed the crowd exactly how it is that he earned his reputation. Taking the stage to himself, Don drew the crowd in to a rhythmic trance during a most incredible yet surreal seven minutes of insanity through a kick drum that affected the rhythm of your heart and never skipped a beat, cymbals clashing. I can assure you there was certainly no need to request more cowbell. Hands down, Don Brewer remains America’s badass drummer with drum sticks. “The all time Rock & Roll leading drummer” - as phenomenal as this title truly must feel, it just doesn’t seem to speak justice for a man hardly breaking a sweat. Throwing his set of sticks into the crowd Brewer proceeded to grab the American Flag from the stage side, placing it center stage.

Grand Funk Railroad All American Band!

If there is any uncertainty of a rock and roll concert, one thing you are guaranteed is should our National Anthem play every hat in the house is removed and lay across hearts throughout the venue. Every seat appears empty as individuals stand proudly. Guitarist, Bruce Klick alongside the stars and stripes performed a chilling rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” the John Stafford Smith cover. Simplicity that sends an extraordinarily powerful message needs no distraction; with lyrics memorized there was no doubt the emphasis of the courageous words that were crossing the lips of every proud Americans mouth.

Bruce effortlessly provides the soprano of all electric voices with each bend of the guitar strings. You couldn’t help hearing ‘the bombs bursting’ as he became one with his instrument. A solo never to be forgotten was nothing short of patriotism that opened the heart of any possible skeptic in the room. Leading straight into “We’re An American Band,” the bands first #1 hit single.

At the end of the night, with dynamics all around, you are constantly in a state of change. One thing that has not changed is the drive and the passion the band share as they perform with complete sincerity. It truly is “Some Kind of Wonderful.” Can I get a Witnessed?