JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

August 10, 2017
Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Myke Smith


Buckcherry Rocks The Monkey!

On hot and sticky August Texas night, California rockers Buckcherry make another round to Big 'D' for yet another great night of Rock N' Roll, this time at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill, and to make things better or worst, not really sure, it was a SOLD OUT SHOW!

Buckcherry Rocks The Monkey!

Since their debut in 1999, Buckcherry hit the national scene Balls Out, carrying their Bad Boy image and strutting their stuff like there is no tomorrow. Earning acclaim with a few commercial successful hits, but gain wide and dedicated recognition from a sold fan base worldwide! Tonights show provide once again this band plays hards and rockers harder, feeding from the crowd, especially the pretty Texas blonds who just happened to be lined up across the front barricade. Blondes always lit up the band and makes the group play just a little bit better, as if they have something to prove.

Tattoo'd shattered boy, lead throat and of course, everyones favorite, Josh Todd, came out wearing his tight ass jean and a tight ass leather jacket that could smother a python. Kickin' off with "Ridin'" and straight into "Whiskey Morning," the band grabbed the energy in the room and ran with it! Guitarist, Stevie D., standing 5 foot nothing, came out and laid it down and didn't let up until the show was done. Long time member and bassist, Kelly LeMieux, sporting his short summer hair-do and no smile on his mug, looked as if he was playing his last show. Come on buddy, would it hurt to smile now and then? I'll cut him and the band some slack as it was hot as fuck with maybe a slight breeze to go around. Still, the band played on and kick'd dat ass!

Their set included the typical fan favs, "Slamin'," "Say Fuck It," "Too Drunk" one of my favorite tunes, "Tight Pants" and "Gluttony." And no surprise hear, closing with "Porno Star" and you guessed it... "Crazy Bitch" the one song all the chicks love to hear and sing-a-long with. That one never gets old! For that brief 5 minutes or so, ALL the girls are the Crazy Bitch!

Buckcherry's performance was good enough to remember, at least for a little while! Honestly, bands like these are carrying the torch of sleazy rock and roll, but this genre of music, or style is slowly losing tracking and pardon the pun, getting cleaned up by the crappy bands on the road today! So if I can make a recommendation, go see Buckcherry and show them some sleazy love while we still have them!