JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

August 29, 2017
Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Tulsa
Catoosa, OK USA
Review by Jennifer Reed
Photos by Freddy Salazar

Steven Tyler

Steve Tyler Brings His Loving Mary Band To Tulsa

On August 29, 2017 Steven Tyler and his Loving Mary Band descended into Tulsa roaring to go.

With a slight welcoming fog the set began with the Aerosmith hit "Sweet Emotion." Entering the stage to a boisterous crowd, Tyler jumped directly into the opening harmony without skipping a beat. He seamlessly transitioned into the 1994 hit "Cryin" and vocally displayed why he is still one of the strongest front men in the business. Solid and controlled he dominates anything he takes on.

Grand Funk Railroad All American Band!

To prove his dominance he took on the Janis Joplin tune "Piece of My Heart." However, he would have to share the spot light with bassist/backup singer Rebecca Lynn Howard. Approaching her during the first chorus, together they took it on. He graciously stepped aside and allowed Howard to show off her vocal skill during the second verse. She catapulted herself into another dimension with a raspy, melodic and unabridged vocal solo that was mesmerizing. It's the type of voice that literally stops you in your tracks and can take hours before becoming tiresome. She's that good.

He continued the set with solo selections "Love Is Your Name" and "We're All Somebody From Somewhere" but soon returned to his Aerosmith roots with the one classic personifying him, "Dream On." He climbed to the white grand piano and immediately dove into the intro. Tyler is so equipped vocally that it became difficult to decipher if we had gone back in time or remained in present day. The passion delivered in the track left goosebumps for all in attendance.

The hour and a half set came to a close with "Walk This Way." Whether you prefer the 1973 original or the 1986 DMC version, he converted you to a fan of the song itself. Capturing the essence of both, it was a stellar rendition.

Treating the audience to a 2 tune encore, it began with a deconstructed version of "Janie's Got A Gun." With the lights down low, a darker delivery was given to the already lyrically dark track. Limited with instruments and broken down vocally, it provided an exceptional view of how troubled abused children are.

He did pick the tempo back up with the final performance of the night "Train Kept A Rollin'." A Tiny Bradshaw cover that made Aerosmith a household name was a crowning way to end a remarkable performance.

At 69 years old, time has been a friend to Steven Tyler. He is a rare talent that improves rather than declines with age. He can out perform artists more than half his age with the ease, experience, and class it takes to be a legend.