JAM Magazine Concert Reviews

November 19, 2017
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Robert Keith

Lynch Mob

The Mob Rules!

There are bands that come around more often than others that seem to slide on by… and some that don’t come around enough, Lynch Mob is one of those bands that could play once a month and their dedicated fan base would be there every show.

Lynch Mob Trees Dallas, TX 2017

Making a stop at Trees in Deep Ellum, on a Sunday night, George Lynch and company on tour with a new LP, The Brotherhood, on Rat Pak Records with the usually suspects, original member, Oni Logan on vocals, Sean McNabb on bass and the newest face to the group, Jimmy D’Anda on drums. The band was tight but loose but surely on fire!

Beginning their show with “Street Fighting Man” set the tone as singer Oni Logan slowly grooved into his mood smoothly and kicked in high with “She’s Evil But She’s Mine” that even woke up the people at the back of the bar. With a new LP recently released, I was expecting to hear new tunes but it didn’t happened until the fifth number with “Main Offender”, a killer tune with great guitar by George Lynch and a highlight from the new LP. The one song I was waiting on from the new LP was “Mr. Jekyll And Hyde”, but it was left off the set. Thanks George!

Lynch Mob Trees Dallas, TX 2017

As expected, the Dokken songs were not to far behind as they played “Into The Fire” and “The Hunter” back to back. Of course the crowd goes wild hearing the classics. “Testify” and “Sweet Sister Mercy” followed and by now you can see and hear George was getting warmed up, but little did I know, the show was coming close to the end. They did squeeze in “Where Do You Sleep”, which I could have done without, that’s just me, I think they hand many other songs they could have chosen.

Lynch Mob finished their set with a great combo of “Mr. Scary” where George simply tears it up and right after that song, I heard a fan say… “That solo is right up there with Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption”, worth the price of admission!"… well, I may not agree with the VH remark but it was quite the guitar solo, George was brilliant! They finished the show with a fan favorite “Wicked Sensation” their hit song off their 1990 debut release, hell, at least half their set was off their debut LP.

Lynch Mob Trees Dallas, TX 2017

Overall it was a great show, a bit short but nearly flawless. I do wish the sound was louder, I think it was way to tame, at least for my liking. I highly recommend buying the new LP The Brotherhood on Rat Pak Records, it is definite one for the collection! And by all means catch Lynch Mob on the road, they never disappoint!