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May 2, 2018
House of Blues - Dallas
Dallas, TX USA
Review by Michael Insuaste
Photos by Michael Insuaste

Greta Van Fleet

Rock And Roll’s Favorite Sons

If you have not heard of Greta Van Fleet by now you are either done with rock and roll, dying or DEAD! This four piece band out of Frankenmuth, MI have created a fire storm that has not been seen in a long time in the rock music world. Their music, their style, their passion and their fans have catapulted Greta Van Fleet into superstardom status in less than a years time that even iconic Rock Musicians have taken notice!

Rock And Roll’s Favorite Sons Photos by Michael Insuaste

Selling out venues in record time across the country, GVF makes their Dallas Texas headlining debut at the House of Blues for what was an evening filled with music, laughter and joy! The smiling faces and excitement was everywhere from fan to fan as young and old rockers gather to greet the band at hand! Kicking off the show with their signature song “Highway Tune” set the mood in high gear. Ballsy move if you ask me!

Front man Josh Kiszka with his flamboyant style and boyish demeanor captivates the crowd from his first scream and holds their attention throughout the ride with plenty of eye contact and personal interaction that is not seen in most artists today! Twin brother Jake, to his left, strutting around the stage with his vintage go to 1961 Gibson Les Paul guitar in hand and striding a cool attitude with ease. His stage presence parades like a seasoned musician that it’s hard to believe they’ve only been at this, at this level, for less than a year!

Rock And Roll’s Favorite Sons Photos by Michael Insuaste

Younger brother, Sam, who many say is the driving force of GVF, barefoot and bouncy, seems to be the fan favorite. Whether on bass or behind the organ, he shows a strong confidence in his musicianship that comes across with a throwback feel most younger fans have not seen in rock bands today. In the back, behind the kit, is Danny Wagner. A long time school friend of the brothers who I must say is a fantastic skin spanker, pounding like a mad man at times, keeping the rhythm in line along side with Sam that gives GVF the power punch that makes their music explode!

Rock And Roll’s Favorite Sons Photos by Michael Insuaste

The show was filled with highs and lows as they crammed in many familiar songs and several new numbers too. “Edge Of Darkness” followed up the open song, then switched gears a bit with “When The Cold Wind Blows” a new number not yet released. With only a 8 song EP under their belt, but many unreleased songs in the archives, I was wondering what would they play and what would they leave out? “Flower Power” which was probably the highlight of the show had the crowd roaring and singing along! A Howlin’ Wolf cover “Evil” had the best groove of the night and “Lover Leaver Taker Believer” also had the fans attention, eventhought it is not a released song.

A few acoustic songs that where unfamiliar were “Mountain Of The Sun” and “Watching Over” slowed down the mood for a bit but they finished strong with two of their biggest selections from their recent EP, From The Fires, “Black Smoke Rising” and my favorite, “Safari Song” had the Dallas HOB ON FIRE! Too short of a set but it was definitely a great show that had the packed house pleased!

Rock And Roll’s Favorite Sons Photos by Michael Insuaste

Cannot say enough about Greta Van Fleet! Like I stated, if you have not caught the GVF fever by now you are either done, dying or DEAD! This band has generated a spark among fans across the GLOBE, from all ages, BOTH genders and all races… it’s a thing of beauty! Like I’ve express many times throughout my music life, as long as there is Youth, there will always be Rock and Roll!