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Ozzy Osbourne

Rock's Wild Man

There were no doves flopping around without their heads, and no bats either, there was just plenty of good old hard rock and roll. And that was just what the crowd wanted from Ozzy Osbourne. The show was reminiscent of the concerts several years ago where everyone rushed the stage, partied to the max and just had a good time. The crowd consisted of many old Black Sabbath fans and several newer Ozzy converts. You had to get your space reserved early and firmly stand your ground or you would end up like the poor guy who had front row seats and arrived a little late. By that time no one could tell the first row from the second or the third. Nonetheless, most of the people there had a good time.

Rockers like "Crazy Train," "Flying High Again" and "Over the Mountain" proved that heavy metal is alive and well, at least as Ozzy performs it. But the somewhat slower songs like "Mr. Crowley" and "Goodbye to Romance" were also well received. The entire show was tight and all the band members performed well. From drummer Tommy Aldridge to bassist Rudy Sarzo and lead guitarist Randy Rhoades the music was well performed and the stage presence demanded everyones attention. Of course, the vocals of Ozzy Osbourne are one of a kind. Whether singing old Black Sabbath songs like "Iron Man" and "Paranoid" or his newer material. Ozzv came through for his fans.