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Kiss - "Dynasty" Tour

Fire - Breathing, Blood - Spitting Rock

The comic book anti-heroes of rock and roll, mount yet another blazing assault.

Promoters say their stage act will features the ever popular elements which have endeared them to the hearts of prepubescent kids everywhere — a blood-puking bassist, rocket-launching guitars, explosions, blinding incendiary flashes of light and. oh yes, music.

It will be their fourth or fifth local appearance in as many years.

Though most rock sophisticates loathe this New York-based foursome, dismissing their music as mediocre and their visual overkill as a cheap come-on for kiddies, KISS is nonetheless a phenomenon. Their live performance, which is like watching Saturday morning TV on acid, has turned them into a multi-million dollar corporation. Though their record sates are average, KISS has gleaned most of its riches from a raft of paraphernalia (from posters to Halloween costumes to comic books to jewelry) and concert ticket sales. KISS fans want to emulate their heroes, as well as hear them.

Their musical talent may only be as deep as their hellish makeup, but these leather-and-metal-clad characters are loved by a legion, and there are a number of KISS' fanatics well over the age of twelve. Perhaps the band's success stems from the American public's love of vicarious sadomasochism. S&M fantasy is big business in the seventies. It always sells well in Oklahoma City, and for that reason. KISS keeps coming back.