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Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne Tells it All!

"I don't know where people get the idea that my husband bites the heads off of animals, or would attempt to destroy any type of animal when he is performing onstage. The idea is outrageous and stupid." – Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager of Ozzy Osbourne

The music industry indeed has its share of colorful performers. There are a very select few that stand out from the rest of their musical brethren. Musical trends may come and go, but the characters that make rock and roll what it is rarely change their stripes. The theatrics of Mick Jaggar and Keith Richards will probably always take center stage as far as the media is concerned. Its latest obsession is Michael jack, who’s setting the world on fire with his already classic, Thriller, album. Paul McCartney seems to always be in the news now that he’s been tabbed the richest performer in the music business.

Week in and week out, reports are always surfacing about these musicians week. But the presses come to halt when this particular artist announces he’s coming to your town. The press can’t wait to tell you about his latest antics, no matter how ridiculous they sound.  

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to one Ozzy Osbourne.

"Listen, I know that it is the job of the media to report the news," said his manager and wife Sharon from the bands headquarters in London. “It is also the job of the media to report the news accurately! Every time John (Ozzy's given name) goes on the road, all these stupid things happen to him. Lies are spread and things are said about him. This sometimes leads to shows being cancelled. It's not fair, it's just not fair."

These 'stupid' things Sharon Osbourne is referring to are the objects that pelt the stage at every one of Ozzy's tour stops. They're not bras and panties mind you, they are formerly live flying objects now dead.

Thousands mindlessly jam arenas from coast-to-coast in hopes of catching the ‘blizzard of Oz’ live play out the part of ‘diary of a madman’ with scenes of mouthwatering decapitation involving birds and bats. Osbourne says that shoddy and irresponsible journalism concerning her husband has created this paranoia about Ozzy that has now manifested itself into wild grotesque stories about the singer taking chainsaws to live cows to slice them in two. Of course there’s the good ol’ biting the heads off of birds and throwing their bodies out into the audience as well as taking live kittens and smashing their bodies onto the stage floor until they are dead. It is these absurd stories that has Ozzy’s wife particularly incensed.

“John is the kindest, warmest, most sensitive human being you will ever come across,” conveyed Mrs. Oz. “He’s a loving father and he cares for everyone. These stories the press spread hurt him deeply. From city to city they follow Ozzy. His shows are picketed by religious groups. Cruelty to Animal organizations attempt to get city councils to ban Ozzy from performing in their cities when his tours are announced.

“What I cannot understand is how people can get away with saying these things. One time a radio deejay was saying that Ozzy was going to do all these horrible things to animals the night of his performance. When he was called up and asked why he was saying all of these things that were not true, he said that he knew the stories about Ozzy were absurd, but what he was saying is what people wanted to hear. Plus, he said he felt he was helping sell more tickets to Ozzy’s show. Sometimes I think confronting the rumors to set the record straight is a no-win situation no matter how hard we try to refute them.”