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Exploding in the '80s

Santana's exciting debut album in 1969, which featured the exotic Latin rhythms and the Incredible guitar work of Carlos Santana, set a trend and a style that has lasted a decade. There have been many imitators, but none have ever come close to the mastery of rhythm and lyricism which has garnered Santana worldwide acclaim; none have had the Imaginative guitar work of Carlos Santana; and none have travelled on more musical explorations into the world of Latin rock, jazz, rhythm and blues, acoustic and electric rock.

The current Santana band retains the feel and delight of the early Santana with Its thread of continuity and brings Santana Into the 1980's at new heights.

The line-up of Santana Includes Devadtp Carlos Santana, on lead guitar as always; Alexander J. Ligertwood, a vocalist with the soul and range to sing the demanding repertoire of Santana, who hails from Glasgow, Scotland;

Graham Lear, the versatile stalwart of the band since 1976, on drums; Raul Rekow, also a fixture since 1976, on congas and percussion; Armando Peraza, a long-time Santana veteran going back to 1972, on percussion; and David Margen, the melodious metronome who joined the band at the age of 18 and now starts his fourth year, on bass. Richard Baker, formerly with Gino Van& and Gary Wright, is the keyboard anchor trading licks with Carlos. The newest member of the band

is Orestes Vilato, one of the most exciting percussionists to evolve out of the New York Latin music scene, on timbales. As an added feature of the Santana of the '80's, Carlos has asked his brother, Jorge, the lead guitarist and founder of the highly successful Latin rock group Maio to join the band helping to provide the spark to ignite the explosive Santana into the '80's.