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Black 'N Blue - Rocklahoma 2008 - July 9-13

Hold On

As with any band labeled ‘the next big thing,’ expectations are often higher than what the final product actually delivers. Geffen Records had those hopes for Black ‘N Blue when they signed the melodic pop-rockers in 1984. The group featured the towering Jamie St. James on vocals; Tommy Thayer and Jeff Warner, guitar; Patrick Young, bass; and Pete Holmes on drums. The Oregon transplants released four successful and critically acclaimed albums during glam rock’s heyday that collectively sold over a million units. This included their self-titled debut in 1984, Without Love the following year, Nasty Nasty in ’86 and In Heat twelve months later. Despite having a loyal fan base, Black n’ Blue never broke through commercially. They did score a major hit with the song “Hold On To 18” from their first record. Over the years, it has gone on to become somewhat of a hard rock classic, still garnering considerable airplay today. In 2008, plans to finish the much delayed Hell Yeah! album are underway.

Black N Blue
Jaime St. James - vocals
Shawn Sonnenschein - guitars
Jef “Woop” Warner - guitars
Patrick Young - vocals, bass
Pete Holmes - drums