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Enuff Z' Nuff - Rocklahoma 2008 - July 9-13

Power Trio

It’s sad to say, but death, self-destruction and rebirth have become all too familiar themes for Enuff Z’nuff this past decade. It started in 2002, when founder Chip Z’nuff’s alter ego, singer Donnie Vie, moved from Chicago to Los Angeles, getting married in Vegas along the way. Then the singer suddenly decided to stop touring with the group to embark upon a solo career. The move caught Chip totally by surprise, but he continued to tour with Enuff Z’Nuff in his absence as a power trio. Their then lead guitarist, Johnny Monaco, assumed front man duties. In 2004, former lead guitarist Derek Frigo died from an apparent drug overdose just as the original Enuff Z’nuff lineup, including drummer Vikkie Foxx, was about to reform with Vie on vocals. Then, in October 2007, just three months after Enuff Z’Nuff’s triumphant appearance at Rocklahoma, the band’s drummer, Ricky Parent, lost his battle with cancer.

For 13 years, Parent had been a steady force behind the drums. His death was especially devastating to Chip. The unexpected tragedy also had a dramatic affect on Donnie Vie. He put his marriage behind him – permanently – cleaned up his own act by casting aside his alcohol and drug demons, then reunited with his one true soul mate in life. Late in 2007, the two ‘brothers of different mothers’ reconvened to shoot a pilot for VH1’s reality based show, Bands On The Run. Though the show’s pilot episode never aired, Donnie and Chip immediately began writing music for their 13th studio album called Lost in Vegas.

C.J. Szutzer will handle the lead guitar duties for Enuff Z’Nuff at Rocklahoma. He is Vie’s songwriting partner in his side project, L.A. Smogg. Johnny Monaco has previous commitments tied to his just released solo project, Overrated. Randi Scott will be the band’s drummer. A limited collector’s edition will be available at Rocklahoma. Enuff z’Nuff is also planning to film the performance for a DVD to be released later this fall.