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Every Mother's Nightmare - Rocklahoma 2008 - July 9-13


Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Every Mother’s Nightmare was formed in 1987 by vocalist Rick Ruhl and guitarist Steve Malone. The band wouldn’t solidify its line-up until Mark McMurtry (bass) and Jim Phipps (drums) decided to join the group full-time. Blending their southern rock influences with elements of the blues and a dash of metal, EMN created a unique sound that Arista Records’ head honcho Clive Davis couldn’t resist signing. The group’s self-titled debut was released in 1990 and contained the hits, “Love Can Make You Blind” and “Walls Come Down”. Their 1993 follow-up, Wake up Screaming, was pushed aside by radio in favor of grunge, and Arista wasted no time in dropping EMN from its roster. McMurtry and Malone departed shortly after the purge. The remaining members continued to do local shows until Phipps packed it in as well. Over the next several years, Ruhl continued to do the odd show under the Every Mother’s Nightmare name. He finally resurrected the name for good with guitarists Travis Hall and Jeff Caughron, bassist Troy Fleming, and drummer Jim Phipps back behind the kit.

Every Mothers Nightmare
Rick Ruhl - lead singer
Jim Phipps - drums
Travis Hall - guitar
Jeff Caughron - guitar
Troy Flemming - bass