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Kingdom Come - Rocklahoma 2008 - July 9-13

Get It On

The enormous publicity generated by the song “Get it On” was a dream come true for the unknown band called Kingdom Come when it was leaked to radio before the album’s release. The song generated a considerable buzz in rock circles due to the speculation of who actually was this mystery band. Mistaken by many fans, and media alike, to be a reunion of the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, the comparisons were enough to bolster early sales of the debut album – eventually going platinum – as “Get it On” became a huge radio hit. The mystery band turned out to be a group formed around former Stone Fury singer Lenny Wolf – Danny Stag and Rick Steier guitars, James Kottak drums and Johnny B. Frank bass. The band was formerly introduced to the world as the opening act on Van Halen’s Monsters of Rock two-month stadium tour in the summer of ’88, which featured the Scorpions, Metallica and Dokken. Later that fall, Kingdom Come would open for the Scorpions on their Savage Amusement world tour.

The fallout however, from the Zeppelin comparison, would take a toll on the band. Kingdom Come would derisively become known as Kingdom Clone, and subsequent releases from their self-titled debut failed to make much impact on radio. The band entered the studio in 1989 with noted producer Keith Olsen at the helm to try and turn the tide against them. The resulting In Your Face, released later that year, did little to quell the Zeppelin comparisons, or to reverse the act’s decline in commercial clout. The ensuing tour saw Kingdom Come collapse and all the original members, save for Wolf, get up and quit the band. Wolf would carry on with the name, releasing Hands of Time in 1990. But, the album stiffed and, along with the emergence of grunge, sealed the act’s fate in the U.S. Wolf returned to his native Germany, where he would continue to release new material throughout the ‘90s and into the new century.

Kingdom Come

Lenny Wolf - vocals, rhythm Guitar

Eric Foerster- lead guitar

Hendrik Thiesbrummel - drums

Frank Binke - bass

Record Label: Frontiers