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Trixter - Rocklahoma 2008 - July 9-13

Inoffensive Music

Bands such as Trixter are often unfairly blamed for ushering in the demise of the hard rock genre. Their music was inoffensive, the girls and MTV absolutely loved them, and even parents appreciated the songs. Whether or not this combination led to the group’s eventual fall from grace is anyone’s guess, but for one shining moment in time, no one even cared.

Peter Loran (vocals), Steve Brown (guitar), P.J. Farley (bass) and Mark Scott (drums) came together as teenagers in Paramus, New Jersey to form Trixter. Considered an overnight sensation, the band had actually been playing together for six years when their debut broke.

The self-titled album was a solid effort highlighted by the soon to be MTV standards “One In A Million”, “Surrender” and “Give It To Me Good” – all reaching #1 on MTV while just modestly placing on the Billboard singles charts. The album would go gold, peaking at #28 on the Billboard Top 200. Steve Brown would state on VH1’s Top 40 Hair Band Countdown that the band’s main goal was to play the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey before family and friends. Trixter achieved this when they opened for the Scorpions in 1991.

But like the many of the hair rock sensations before them, Trixter’s career at the top was short-lived. Hear! failed to deliver a hit single, and with the influx of grunge, Trixter was quickly pushed aside. A farewell album of covers was released in 1994. Scott left the band during their last tour to pursue a culinary career, and the rest quickly went their separate ways as well. The original band has reunited to tour and record a live album to be released in the fall of 2008.


Peter Loran - lead vocals, guitar

Steve Brown - guitar, vocals

PJ Farley - bass, vocals

Mark “Gus” Scott - drums

Record Label: Mojo Vegas Recording Co.