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Robin Trower

Robin Trower: Legendary Guitarist Talks About Changes, Touring And The New Things To Come

Guitar legend Robin Trower has lived quite an extraordinary life from his early days with sixties progressive rock band, Procol Harum through his successful solo career that began in 1973 with his debut LP Twice Removed From Yesterday. Since then, Trower has had great triumph with his biggest success Bridge Of Sighs album released in 1974 and has continued to gain recognition through his fans and piers as well. Compared to Jimi Hendrix for the use of the signature Fender Stratocaster sound and classic riffs, Robin has engaged with many of his contemporary musicians of his time playing along side various great artists such as; the late Jack Bruce, Leslie West and the late Ronnie Montrose. JAM Magazine had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Trower about his recent release, Something's About To Change his early influences and his current tour and band mates.

ROBIN TROWER "Interview" Part One Guitar Legend JAM Magazine 2015

ROBIN TROWER "Interview" Part Two Guitar Legend JAM Magazine 2015