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Brandon Clark Band - Country Fever 2008 - Jun. 12-15

Distinct, Electrifying, and Memorable

When Dave Duval, Darren Lightfoot and Heath Jacobson said “I do” to the proposal put forth to them by singer/songwriter Brandon Clark, little did they realize how important this musical matrimony would soon become. In just two years, the niche this jamming country quartet has carved out in their short existence is quite impressive. Last year alone, the Brandon Clark Band, or BCB for short, performed over 250 shows throughout the Southwest, opening for the likes of David Allen Coe, Reba McEntire, Tracy Byrd, Miranda Lambert and a host of other country notables.

BCB began making some splashy musical waves almost from the first moment the four musicians got together to play. Veterans of the Tulsa country music scene, it took a few years for the members to finally realize they needed to hook up to see what would happen. A couple of practice sessions and a live show later convinced them all they were indeed onto something very special. The booming vocals of Brandon Clark, the awe-inspiring guitar work of Dave Duval, combined with the thundering bass of Lightfoot and tight drumming of Jacobson, instantly created one of the most diverse bands to come out of the Sooner State in some time.

Distinct, electrifying and memorable are just some of the adjectives people have used to describe the BCB sound. The members however, jokingly refer to their musical collaborations as “Oklahoma beer joint music.” It doesn’t matter whether this band is playing before 50 fans in a honky tonk in some far-flung town, or hundreds of people gathered in a country club setting, the energy and excitement of the music remains the same. Simply put, the Brandon Clark Band delivers its eclectic country message with authority and power. As Clark proudly states, “Our sound incorporates bits and pieces of music from artists who have influenced us all over the years. You’ll hear hints of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard accompanied by dashes of Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, Social Distortion, ZZ Top and others.”

Those influences have helped Duval, Lightfoot, Jacobson and Clark create a sound that sets them apart from their contemporaries. To say the group flat out rocks would be an understatement. BCB’s live shows have played a critical role in transforming this two-year old group from a whisper to one of the most talked about bands in the state. Their first album, Tall, was released May 2. It’s available online at the band’s website and other retail outlets.

-Record Label: Dry Gulch Records

Band Members

Dave Duval - Guitar & Vocals

Darren Lightfoot - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Heath Jacobson - Drums

Brandon Clark - Guitar , Vocals