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Michael Scott - Country Fever 2008 - Jun. 12-15

Gearing Up For The Release of Its Debut Single

If you had to describe Michael Scott in one word it would be “driven”. This country music fan, turned artist has been chasing his dreams for sometime and it’s finally paying off. Michael is one of country music’s most personable and entertaining artists. When asked about the change from fan to artist Michael’s reply was “I was a fan first, I know what it’s like to be on the flip side of the coin, and I won’t forget that while I’m the other side.”

Michael Scott found out who his friends truly were when he signed his record deal with Rocky Comfort Records, owned and operated by superstar Tracy Lawrence.

Scott recently finished his first major label recording and is gearing up for the release of its debut single this summer. After all the time in the studio and all the years spent chasing his dreams, you can be sure his live performance is going to be as driven as he is.

-Record Label: Rocky Comfort Records (RCR)

Band Members

Michael Scott - Lead Vocals, Accoustic Guitar

Chad Smith - Lead Guitar, Back Up Vocals

John Martin - Fill in Lead guitar, Back Up Vocals

Ken Lush - Keyboards

Dwayne Rasmussen - Bass Guitar, Back Up Vocals

Austin Curcuruto - Drums