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No Justice - Country Fever 2008 - Jun. 12-15

Harvesting the Perfect Blend

No Justice hails from a rather small place on the map, Stillwater, Oklahoma, that’s better known for having a college football stadium built going East to West, rather than North to South. But we’re not talking college athletics here. Stillwater’s music scene has produced some major talent over the years. Jimmy LaFave, Garth Brooks, The Great Divide, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stoney LaRue, Mike McClure and Jason Boland & the Stragglers have all made their mark here.

Having been a fixture in Stillwater since 2001, No Justice has developed a large following across the Midwest, averaging more than 200 shows a year. In 2004 the band signed with national Nashville booking agency, Buddy Lee Attractions, and in 2005 signed a recording contract with Smith Entertainment.

As it is with any good organic creation, there is an aging process that needs to occur in order to harvest the perfect blend. Country-rock tones weave in and out of the band’s solid self-titled release, thanks in part to Brandon Jackson on vocals/guitar, Joey Trevino on vocals/bass and Jerry Payne on guitar. Tunes like ‘’Never Come Back’’ and ‘’Bend But Don’t Break’’ lead with drummer / percussionist extraordinaire Armando Lopez, providing smooth groovy touches in all the right places. Songs like ‘’Don’t Walk Away’’ and ‘’Breathe,’’ a melodically addicting ballad alive with pop essence and a funk pulse, come alive when No Justice hits their stride. Steve Rice tops it all off with acoustic overlays and a vocal concoction brewed from a little grit and a lot of soul.

The road leading up to No Justice’s much-anticipated 2006 release was well decorated with media acclaim, radio airplay and a quickly growing fan base that attracted a ceaseless tour schedule. In September of 2007 No Justice released their first live album, Live at Billy Bob’s, joining a prestigious list of legendary artists in the Live series.

-Record Label: Smith Entertainment

Band Members

Steve Rice - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Brandon Jackson - Vocals, Guitar

Jerry Payne - Guitar

Joey Trevino - Vocals, Bass

Armando Lopez - Drums