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THE CULT Billy Duffy Interview Rock Legends Live

Photos Courtesy of BillyDuffy.com

Videos Courtesy of YouTube.com

Guitarist Billy Duffy speaks about The Cults upcoming 2017 tour, their LP Hidden City, Coachella Festival and rockin' out with has buddy's in Rock Legends Live!

Emerging from the violent streets of Manchester during the 'real' punk rock wars and rolling into post punk, death rock, hard rock and back. He has played with the best, Morrissey, Jagger, Iggy et al, this kid has done more than most could ever dream. He is peerless, a tyrannical perfectionist and iconoclast. In a world of self imposed savants and virtuosos, he has never been a self promoter leaving that for his live performances and studio recordings.

A working class hero who has owned the biggest stages in the world and delivered without mercy. As rock dissolves into a patchwork of ragged styles and fading icons, Duffy holds himself with an integrity, sensitivity and ferocity that few can match. He is one of the greatest living guitar heroes of the 20/21st century, often mimicked, never matched. I have witnessed other players take a step back when he straps on the Falcon, big boys' rules.