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Rock Me, Roll Me, Jackyl Who Off?

JAM Magazine Interviews Mouth Piece, Jesse James Dupree

Promo Photo Courtesy of Jackyl website

Chainsaw wielding, biker bar lovin' Jackyl is currently touring to support the 2010 album "When Moonshine & Dynamite Collide." Their tour is on hiatus until after the Thanksgiving holiday but they are scheduled to perform about a dozen shows before Christmas.

What's next for the rockers? The good news is that Jackyl is already working on some new material so fans can expect another album and tour on the horizon.

In the meantime, catch vocalist Jesse James Dupree starring and producing TRU TV's "Full Throttle Saloon," a cool and exciting show about everything that goes on in running the World's Largest Biker Bar in Sturgis, SD. Season 3 airs November 30, 2011.

* The following interview took place at the House of Blues Green Room in Dallas, Texas.

JAM: I'm here with Jesse James Dupree from Jackyl. Jesse, how the heck are ya?

Jesse James Dupree - Doin' great. Happy to be here.

JAM: Well you look good. I hear you had a bit of a motorcycle incident?

I had a little mishap with a gentleman that decided to pass me as I was making a left-hand turn, so he t-boned me and sent me flying a good little ways. I'm lucky to be here. It's all good.

JAM: Well, as long as it wasn't a chainsaw/lumberjack accident.

I've had those accidents too.

JAM: How long have you been touring currently?

We started out early in the spring. We had a great spring and summer. Things slowed down for a minute over the last couple of months. We've got some sporadic dates between now and the holidays.

JAM: Tell us about your TV show "Full Throttle Saloon."

"Full Throttle Saloon" documents what it takes for Michael Ballard, Angie (Angieland) and myself to run the World's Largest Biker Bar. It's in Sturgis, SD. It sits on 30 acres. It's an event that's been going on 71 year now. It's a chance for everybody whose heard about Sturgis throughout the years to live vicariously through the TV show and hopefully be able to put it on their calendar for next year and come out and join us.

JAM: What's in store for the third season of "Full Throttle Saloon?"

The thing for this year's "Full Throttle Saloon" is to take it to the next level. We knew that the rally was going to be down in attendance for a lot of reasons – not just the economy but also because anytime you're coming off an even-number year like the 70th anniversary, well the 71st is going to be a little down in attendance. So it was our goal to be make sure that we provided the best venue for all of the people who were at the Sturgis event. So you'll have to tune in and see how that paid off for all of us. We took everything to the next level from the acts on the Main Stage to the Jackyl performance. So that was the overall theme for this year.

JAM: That's awesome. Have you always ridden bikes?

My whole life – growing up on dirt bikes and such. As soon as I was able to get a Harley-Davidson, I immediately did. I've always been an avid rider.

JAM: Do you mind sharing with your fans what your favorite bike is?

The bike that I just got totaled was my favorite. It was the first one that I ever bought which was a '94 Heritage Soft Tail. But I've got a (Harley-Davidson) Street Glide and I had a Chopper for a minute -- but I ended up getting rid of it because I was afraid I'd probably kill myself on it.

JAM: Oh, well bless your heart. Where did you come to Dallas from?

I had this accident and we had a couple of shows between the accident and now, but luckily the calendar has been pretty spread out – but I just came in from Atlanta.

JAM: So you're here in Texas. Do you have a favorite in the World Series, which Game 6 is tonight.

You know, I'm in Texas so I'm gonna root for Texas. But I'm not a big baseball fan. I'll be honest with ya, I'd rather watch paint dry. To go out and hit the ball would be fun but to sit there and watch someone else have all the fun…ya know…

JAM: Do you like any other sports? Football?

I like football. I like college football because it's such a faster game. With Clemson doing so good this year – the Clemson Tigers -- that's where Jeff and Chris (Worley), the brothers in Jackyl, they live up there so we've been keeping up with them and pulling for them this year.

JAM: I remember when your act came onto the scene. I thought your act was unique and who pulls out a chainsaw and plays it?

We do.

JAM: Has anybody else ever tried that because that's just amazing to me?

I think everybody should pull out a chainsaw.

JAM: I can honestly say I have never pulled out a chainsaw. Children, stay away from them.

Your question would be "why wouldn't they?"

JAM: I love it.

JAM: What can we expect from your show tonight? You've got to bring back what you're known for. What about some of your newer things?

We've got a new album that's been out about a year now and it's called "When Moonshine & Dynamite Collide". It's just a big slab of rock 'n roll, 2011 style. We'll be playing some songs off of it. The show is well balanced. We can spread it out and get to everything -- keep it moving. I think the band is as lethal as it ever was. And we've been lucky. With the economy being what it is, this entire country's getting hit hard, so whether it's 10 people or 10,000, it means a lot that people come out and spend their money and time and see the band. We try to make sure they get triple their money's worth.

JAM: I actually appreciate the smaller venues more than the large arenas now because as a music fan, you're able to feel more of a connection with the artist. Do you feel that same connection from the audience?

My goal is to take a 20,000-seat place and turn it into your living room. I don't have a preference. It's like saying you like a woman with big boobs or small boobs. I kinda like it all.

JAM: Well, uh, you threw me there. You had me at boobs.

At that point the female JAM interviewer had to laugh, turn off the recorder, laugh some more and move on to photographs.