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JAM Magazine Speaks With Lead Guitarist Mike Mushok

While out promoting their new record, Mike Mushok of Staind took a few minutes to chat with Jam Magazine.

"The Idea behind the record was to get back to where we started from," said Mushok. "We’ve been playing some really progressive music. The last record was experimental - really different for us."

Although the bands new album Staind has been widely received by audiences, the recording of the album was a trying time for the band.

"It was a difficult record to make," said Mushok. "Aaron put on a solo record while we were recording, and we had a deadline to reach, which we never had before. All these things made it very stressful."

Not to mention the fact that Staind lost one of its key members, drummer Jon Wysocki, before the single Eyes Wide Open was even released in the summer of 2011. Drummer Sal Giancarelli served as Wysocki’s replacement this year. He had been performing with Staind since 1999 as Wysocki’s drum technician.

"He’s a great drummer," said Mushok. "He stepped right in. He’s someone we know and have toured with."

Despite the challenges along the way, Staind still managed to produce the self-title record that they had in mind.

"Part of this record had to do with paying attention to what people wanted from us," said Mushok.

Staind plans a headlining tour of the States this Spring, then will head over to Europe starting in June. The one thing Mushok isn’t planning on doing any time soon is read the rants and raves of fans on the Internet.

"I don’t really go online and read things about us," laughed Mushok. "For me, it’s hard to read comments about us sometimes. However, with the people that we talk to at meet-and-greets, our music seems to be going over really well. It’s also fun to play these songs live. We are incorporating new stuff into the set.

"The one big difference between us and other bands is that other bands have rock stars up there, playing songs. But for us, we are just four guys on stage playing music."