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Silent Civilian is infamous for changing members. When lead guitarist Dave Delacruz left in 2010, the haters came out and inflammatory remarks surfaced about Jonny Santos and his temperamental nature. What rock star isn't temperamental? People don't like change so the blame game is always fired at the front man. Jonny has been at hardcore metal since the 90's with Spineshank before he could drink in a bar much less play in one. He knows what he wants and won't settle for less in his band mates. So? He is passionate on stage and off. Jonny is very intense with a fierce stage presence. Robbie Young is still brilliant as ever on bass. New lead guitarist Matt Bredemeier is so adept even playing some of Jonny's usual guitar solos, Drummer Zack Morris looks like Jesus. Well, the movie version on every good Catholic's wall. Badass too. I didn't miss former members.

I had Jonny to myself for a quick interview on February 2, 2012 in Nolanville, Texas at Club Mirage. Silent Civilian is currently on their "Dead Of Wintour" with Mediaskare record label mates, Mureau. Noteworthy local bands In The Trench and Pain Filled Silent made a rainy night a metal night in Central Texas. Here's Jonny!

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